Pedorthics/Pedorthist- Biography

Steve Schultz is a partner at Happy Feet Shoes and Pedorthics in Park Ridge. Steve has been in business
for 40 years and has been a Certified Pedorthist for 20 years. Steve has vast knowledge of shoes and
shoe construction as well as shoe fitting and foot problems. He participated in the Medicare diabetic
shoe program for eight years and has made custom orthotics for partial diabetic foot amputations, foot
ulcers and high risk feet. He also makes custom orthotics with a prescription for various other foot
maladies, and will add shoe modifications for several foot and leg conditions. Steve is also a guest
speaker at the falls prevention program, “Stepping On”.

 Pedorthics:  is the art and practice of designing, making, and fitting therapeutic shoes for relieving painful or disabling conditions of the feet. -According to Merriam Webster-

Pedorthist: is a professional who has specialized training to modify footwear and employ supportive devices to address conditions which affect the feet and lower limbs. They are trained in the assessment of lower limb anatomy and biomechanics, and the appropriate use of corrective footwear – including shoes, shoe modifications and other pedorthic devices. -Wikapedia-